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Obashi joins World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community

Obashi has become the first Scottish company to join the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community and its Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“We are delighted to have Obashi join our Global Innovators Community,” says Sheila Warren, Head of Blockchain, Digital Assets and Data Policy at the World Economic Forum. “We are excited to work with Obashi within the Data Policy Platform given their focus on data flows as a key to accessing the opportunities of the new global data economy.”

The World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community is a select, by invitation-only group of the world’s most promising start-ups and scale-ups that are at the forefront of technological and business model innovation... Read more

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Obashi is the world-leading data flow expert and its co-founders have written the fundamental laws and principles around the control, management and governance of the most abundant business resource on the planet: Data.

We call the movement of information between people, processes, and technology - dataflow.

Dataflow is the lifeblood of the modern world. It is as critical to everyday life as the flow of water, energy, and transport. We take for granted the control, management, and governance of these flows, and yet when it comes to dataflow, no one speaks the same language.

Using our unique OBASHI Platform to automate our Dataflow Methodology we create clarity by modelling the relationships and dependencies between people, processes and technology assets. We help you see the ‘Big Picture’ of how your business works, displaying the results in a way that everyone can see, and anyone can understand

As part of the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators community, we are proud to engage in the forum’s platforms to help define the global agenda on key issues with a particular focus on “Shaping the future of technology governance – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Methodology & Platform

We recognise that people are at the heart of most businesses. At its simplest, the OBASHI Platform helps non-technical and technical people communicate through the use of easy-to-understand diagrams.

By mapping how data flows, it’s possible to see how each asset makes a service or process work. The OBASHI Dataflow Methodology allows you to visualise the interactions that must be in place for data to flow and, even more importantly, the implications should one of these links fail.

Our fully scalable cloud based OBASHI Platform automates our unique dataflow methodology and allows users to model and produce Business & IT diagrams and Dataflow Analysis Views.

The OBASHI Platform has an intuitive customisable front end, which allows the user to start creating their own visual representations of the way the people, process and technology interact across their organisation.

The ability to add and export data and simulate ‘what-if scenarios’ enables the user to perform analysis and reporting from the front-end, supporting business critical questioning and strategic decision making.

Together, the OBASHI Dataflow Methodology and OBASHI Platform provide the clarity that you need to address organisational challenges related to business optimisation, cyber security, regulatory compliance such as GDPR and PCI DSS, infrastructure risk management, and more

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Obashi is passionate about teaching the language of dataflow. We work with academic institutions, government bodies, and professional trainers to provide high-quality OBASHI Methodology and Data Flow training. The OBASHI Methodology is accredited by APMG International and taught across the world.

As experts in all thing’s dataflow, we have developed ‘OBASHI Learn’. Currently we support the delivery of the new Higher National Certificate/Diploma unit in Data Flow. In partnership with the Scottish Qualifications Authority and Further Education Colleges, Data Flow is now being taught to college students across Scotland and is an integral part of their learning.

Case studies

The ability to see the ‘big picture’ is essential in strategic decision making. Obashi helps provide that clarity. Whether for consultants or students, or individuals who want to make a difference to any organisation.

Throughout the years, Obashi has helped several notable clients see data flow, including the Bank of England, Heathrow Airport, BP, Scottish Power and Formula 1 - to name a few. The OBASHI Dataflow Methodology is industry and business agnostic.

Bank of England
Formula 1
Scottish Power
Flight Centre

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